Top 25 College Basketball NBA Draft Graphics:

  1. LSU: A beautiful composition that has contrasting and complimentary elements within the composition in full color that is hard to miss especially since it features the 1st pick in the draft. Excellent job team! 
  2. Marquette: In some designs fire can be redundant, but here it works perfectly as a way to narrator the view through this piece. Knowing how to use this commonly overused element places this piece above others. 
  3. Vanderbilt: This creative team did a better job than any other organization with letting the viewer know exactly where the draft took place. A great example of visual story-telling.
  4. Syracuse: Pulling off the perfect perspective can be a bit tricky for most designers, but the execution here was perfect.
  5. Duke: Big blue always comes out of the gate with full of creative and innovate ways to set the bar high. Creativity is key.
  6. Baylor: The shades of green combined with the slight texture makes this an attention grabbing design. 
  7. North Carolina:Keeping it clean is always a win win situation. 
  8. Utah: A great sense of primary and secondary elements puts Utah on our list. 
  9. FSU: Shades of white and black can provided a great sense of depth without over crowding a design. Nice work! 
  10. Purdue: The viewers eyes go directly to the nicely enhance photograph of the player and then slides down to the information. Just as the designer planned! 
  11. Cal: A big statement that can live on its own is sometimes just enough. 
  12. Washington:Big numbers are always a nice touch.
  13. Virginia:Nice to see information about the player. Great information graphic.
  14. Oklahoma: Small details like the keening in the players name shows great design taste.
  15. Gonzaga: The desaturated look was the way to go. Cool way to separate from the pack.
  16. Michigan State: Using color combinations that complement the player’s uniform is a nice touch.
  17. UConn: The masked logo adds flavor to this piece, yet is still legible. 
  18. Kentucky: The checkboard patterns stays true to the brand. Knowing what defines your team is key.
  19. Kansas:Big logos make big statements. It completes the overall look and feel of this piece.
  20. UNLV: Sometimes the photo is key. Great emotion goes along way.
  21. Notre Dame:
  22. Michigan: One of the only teams to take advantage of using a photograph of the player not on the court. It adds a more personal and professional touch. 
  23. Louisville: Textures are a great way to source up a design.
  24. Maryland: A little splatter is always a good thing especially on a white background.
  25. Weber State: Straight to the point.