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Creatives in the sports industry thrive on the environment around them, whether it’s a wall full of posters or signed memorabilia from their favorite player. Alabama’s designer, Matt Lange challenged other creatives to show their work space and it made for quite an interesting response from the design community. Checkout the gallery below and if you haven’t posted your work space, please do! We would love to see where the magic happens.

ESPN’s NFL Draft Designs

While the world watched the NFL Draft to see which players would be drafted, many designers like myself watched to see the beautiful set of motion graphics designed by the team at ESPN. Of course, we weren’t disappointed by the beauty and attention to detail in each piece. I personally enjoyed how the neon yellowish-green contrasted with the black and white photography. Check them out below! 

Creative Director: Lucas Nickerson @coolhand20

A team effort. 

MLB Mother’s Day Uniform Swag

There’s a new color addition to some of your favorite MLB teams in honor of Mother’s Day. Check out some of our favorites.

Chicago Cubs:

Philadelphia Phillies:


Kansas City Royals:

Arizona Diamondbacks:

Toronto Blue Jays:

Atlanta Braves:

Baltimore Orioles:

Boston Red Sox:

Cleveland Indians:

Houston Astros:

2016 CFB NFL Draft Rankings

The preparation for the NFL Draft takes designers and staff members weeks to make sure everything flows perfectly and is prepared for every possible situation. We saw designs from almost every college football team, but just like the players some are better than others. We picked our top 30 designs based on three simple concepts: 

  • Creativity 
  • Concept
  • Consistency 

Congratulations to all the college football designers, interns and staff members working hard in the trenches! The competition is tough in college football! To be the best you have to beat the best. Regardless if you made the list or not, if you made it out alive after Draft Week consider it a win! 👍🔥

1. Ohio State

2. Ole Miss




6. Baylor

7. Houston

8. Miami


10. Purdue



13. Michigan 



16. Florida State 

17. Georgia 

18.Georgia Tech

19. Oklahoma



22. Mizzou

23. Louisville 

24. Colorado State 


26. West Virginia

27. UCLA

28. Vanderbilt

29. Louisiana Tech


The Jersey Swap King.

The hardest part of the NFL Draft is showing college guys in their NFL uniforms. While most designers struggle in Photoshop trying to paste together a dozen differed images, Michigan’s designer (@AaronBDesigns ) makes it look too easy. His jersey swaps look 100% realistic. From the helmet to the olater’s cleats, everything is done to perfection. Checkout some of his impressive jersey swaps below. Maybe one day we can all be as half as good as this guy. Coach Harbaugh has one of the best designers on his team! No wonder recruiting is going so well. 

Crimson Draft: A League Of Their Own

Everyone in the trenches knows about the Alabama Crimson Tide and their design staff. The Tide never seems to settle and is always looking for a way to create excitement in the college football world. This is the key to success when it comes to the world of recruiting design.

These designs not only appeal to the audience full of young teenage males, but to the public who live and breath Alabam Football. Each design has the ability to stand on its on, yet their is a high level of consistency throughout the entire set.


Matt Lange @mattjlange

Tony Turnquist @TonyTQuist


Checkout the full gallery below.

2016 NFL Draft Branding+ Design: Welcome To The Family

It was hard to miss the branding for this year’s NFL Draft. The concept “Welcome To The Family” was a great idea by The NFL design team. It incorporates a fluid styled of typography that easily translates with each team’s color scheme. As well as allowing for a great background when it came down to photographs and the original #draftdayselfie! 

Checkout the beautiful designs below and follow the team responsible for this amazing work on Twitter!

 ( @madeposible + @viley )

The Heat vs. Hornets Social Content Battle 

The NBA Playoffs challenges each team to developed a postseason digital and design strategy that gets fans and the team hyped throughout the playoffs. We were impressed by the quality of social content for today’s Heat vs Hornets game 7! Check them out below. Which is your favorite? 

Miami Heat: #WhiteHot🔥 

Yes, we’ve heard the term white hot back when King James was leading the Heat, but this look is better than ever. Taking complete advantage of the white space and incorporating beautiful black and white images. How can you not be excited for the White Hot Heat?

Charlotte Hornets:#Swarm🐝

I think everyone is as happy as we are about Charlotte going back to being named the Hornets. A vintage color scheme that is always a classic. Totally digging the hint of color used on the players faces without taking away from the photography. A big win for the digital staff here!