Meet your 2016 NBA AllStars! 

Today the NBA announced the 2016 NBA AllStars and as always Twitter went crazy. We of course couldn’t stop looking at all of the cool designs posted from each team that was lucky enough to have an AllStar 

The importance of great creative content during a time like this is vital to a team’s social media presence. It allows fans an inside look to all things going on with their favorite teams and gives the team the ability to reach people all across the world.The more people you reach, the more fans you can get. More fans equal a rise in ticket and merchandise sales. What team doesn’t like the sound of that, right? 

As always we are here to give you our favorite designs. We hope you find lots of delays inspiration and enjoys this awesome series of designs! 



Adidas has had a bad reputation for pushing out boring designs, but this is design featuring the recent AllStar Kyle Lowry, is thing but bland. Full of flavor and excitement, this graphic is a great start to a new era for the Adidas basketball brand. 


Source: @Spurs on Instagram
  The Spurs really surprised us here with a well done design featuring some beautiful places typography. Keeping it classy and classic similar to their style of play. It’s always about the fundamentals of the game.


What better way for Kobe to end his career than to be selected for his last NBA AllStar game. This design captures an icon ice moment from Kobe’s career and ties it in to his retirement perfectly. 

Oddly enough Drake has put the 6 on the map and the world continues to run with it because Twitter loves anything Drake related. 


Hats off to the social team for the OKC Thunder by using great pictures of their two AllStars in a creative way. In this instance, a picture does the job perfectly. Showcasing the relationship between the Thunders’ great players without overdoing it with design. 

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