Creative Freedom or Reposted Work?

Creative Freedom or Reposted Work?  


We have all seen designers rave over athletes reposting their work over social media outlets, but in reality is that really important to a designer or not? I’ve always wondered if getting your work reposted resulted in more publicity or more freelance gigs, but is there any real value in that. Then comes the question whether designers would rather get their work reposted by a famous athlete or have 100% creative freedom? I mean to be honest, not all athletes repost great design work. So just because an athlete repost your work does not mean it is good, but do you really have to be good to get a big gig in the sports design work if you are well-known throughout the community? Though personally I’m in between. Sometimes too much creative freedom actually limits my creativity, but too much restriction can halt my creativity.

 Checkout what some of the responses from our followers in the sports design community.    


Designer for Alabama Football
Designer at ESPN

Designer for The U

Designer for the Kansas City Chiefs




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