Trenches Sports Design Daily Recap: 11/10/2015

Good morning! For those of us who have better things to do than check Twitter all day, I decided do a recap of all the design that were posted on the Twitter account yesterday. Hope you enjoy and are inspired to create! 

Internship Opportunities•The Indianapolis Colts are looking to hire a design intern. Link Here: 
Veterans Day Design Highlights•In honor of Veterans Day, lots of teams posted graphics thanking and supporting those who are committed to keeping us safe. Here are a few of our favorites:

NBA Highlights:


College Football Highlights:



•College Hoops•It’s that time of year again and lots of designers are starting to put out some exciting work! Here’s a few teams to watch out for!

1.@DukeBluePlanet•I’ve been checking out Duke’s graphics for a long time now and am constantly impressed. Stay on the lookout for some great things from this designer! 

2.@RutgersMBB•If Rutgers’ countdown graphics are any indication of what’s to come in the near future then I’m super excited to see what’s next. Keep up the good work guys! 

3.@StJohnsBBall•I can always count on St.Johns to bring some excitement to the college basketball world. Stay on the lookout for some electrifying graphics.

Font of the Day: American Forkball

Finding a new font is like getting new Gameday gear. It keeps us excited and helps us develop our skills. New fonts to help switch up the look of your designs and add flavor. Download Here:

Daily Designs•Sports design has become a very popular thing with the increase use of social media by collegiate and professional sports teams. Sometimes we gravitate towards simple design while other times we love the flashy, heavily photoshopped graphics. Regardless of which styles you prefer, there are always things to be learned from others. Check out our favorites of the day! 



Offsides🏀: Panini America’s Revolution

Trading cards are a designers dream because their work will be treasured forever. Constantly being looked at, but from a protective screen or in a locked case. So each week we will highlight some of our favorite card sets. This week we picked Panini America’s Revolution. A collection of vintage inspired retro cards incorporating some of the best NBA players. Designed by Tre Hattier. Check out the entire set here:  

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