Drake’s impact on recruiting.


Drake’s impact on recruiting.

People either love or hate Drake, but everyone finds themselves using his catchy wording in their daily lives. It is weird to think of the impact that Drake has made in the college football recruiting circle, but it seems to be a major one.Relatability is a big deal when it comes to the game of recruiting. How can a recruit trust you with their future when you do not even know what song enhances their performance on the field.

Alabama//Designer: @mattjlange

Keeping it clean and close to the Alabama brand while incorporating the famous lyrics from Drake’s diss song “Charged Up”.


The Michigan designer know for his lifelike Photoshop skills, adding a few lighting bolts to convey the “Charged Up” message.


A non-traditional design approach and referencing the photographical style of design that has surfaced since college football recruiting graphics became a big thing in the industry. A fun, electrifying graphic that recruits tend to gravitate towards.

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