Vintage College Football Design

As one knows, there is always something to be learned from the past. This is especially true in design, sometimes designers get too caught up in new techniques and forget the basis of design. Check out some great  college football graphics from the past.
Memorial-Gym Michigan-Ohio-State-1925 1950 Alabama v Tennessee football ticket coasters COPYRIGHT wisconsin12cal_lg LSZ 50 COVER-1 PA Duryea 1950 Football Program Vs Clarks Summit 1


1950_Oklahoma_vs_LSU washingtonstate12cal_lg sep a19820b16955d2865720eaf230c6564a-1 by48 georgiatech1955ap-1 Florida09calendar_lg oregonstate12cal_lg url dec florida1931ap-1-1 football-poster-1938-williams d43d13aa95f0e5a13668823487bb1768 13581177478981563690609 3227fd7376986be65070fc322e722128 1925_Wisconsin_vs_Wisconsin 9781603682534 3a0921dce09fc1cfe5c9834b1246c659 tn_1967_alabama_vs_nebraska LSZ 50 COVER c051cfcf252dc28882716c8674706963 fb8a7e950a822141a49b341e65691c23 1940_Clemson_vs_Boston-College 1935pacificusc florida1931ap-1 33e82cc996df0d5dade69a47504f925a maryland35ap-1 a19820b16955d2865720eaf230c6564a

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