The Battle In The Trenches

The Battle In The Trenches

Recruiting and graphic design go hand and hand these days. If we were speaking in terms of football, the designers are offensive linemen, while the coaches are the quarterbacks. One can not work without the other. Especially in a society where social media has provided direct contact and extra competition in the recruiting game. If your graphics is not of a high quality and extremely creative, you might find your school at the bottom of a recruits list. We’ve compiled a list of the best creative recruiting design in college football.


There’s a reason Alabama continues to have a top class of recruits every year.

The main goal of most college football recruits is to play in the NFL. Seeing a number as big as $51,810,000 and a dozen checks from former Alabama players playing in the NFL can make any recruit or person eager to jump on the Bama bandwagon. Money talks.


Name a football player who doesn’t want to be featured on the cover of a video game. This is a great way to show a recruit that your team


3.Ohio State



6.Oregon State:




10.Boston College:


12.Texas A&M:


14.Michigan State:

15. North Carolina:

16. Ole Miss:

17. Wisconsin:

18. Mississippi State:

19.Arizona:20.Wake Forest:ima

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