2015 CFB Poster Rankings in the Trenches

 Rankings in the Trenches

Every day there is a new list of rankings for college football schedule posters, but we are not sure if anyone has gotten it exactly correct. Undeniably, it a difficult task for any person or company to determine without it becoming a subjective matter. Some brands allow trendy techniques while others stick to tradition and highlight the traits that set their program apart from others. The schedule poster sets the stage for the brand throughout the entire season, it is critical in the success of the brand. Though, we believe that there are three vital attributes that heavily weigh in the success of a poster. We have assembled a list of the top 25 schedule posters that demonstrates these traits. Let’s hope that we got it right.

Three simple things that we believe make a poster successful.


The poster sets the tone for the rest of the graphics throughout the season. Develop a brand and stick to it, there should be no question about what school the poster belongs to.

2. Creativity:

It is a poster, it should be fun and exciting regardless of how many players you have been forced to throw on it. Use your creative juices and produce a piece that fans will be thrilled to get their hands on!

3. Legible:

There is no point in having a schedule poster if the schedule is not legible. It may seem boring, but that is literally the entire purpose of the poster. People may not care if it is ugly, they just need to know when and where the next game is. Never forget that design is practical, not subjective in relation to distrubiting information.

Remember, brands win championships. Never let aesthics come before the idea.

-Voice of the Trenches







7.Ohio State:


9.Mississippi State:



12.Eastern Kentucky:


14.Brigham Young:

15.Florida A&M:


17.Georgia Tech: 18.Northwestern:


20.Oklahoma State:



23.Washington State:

24.Jackson State:

25.Texas Tech:

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