The best of #NSD15!

The night before signing day had College Football designers going crazy and thinking twice about quitting their jobs. Maybe the throwing of a pencil or two and more coffee than a human being should drink in a span of 24 hours. Yet, at the end of signing day there were several designers that should have been quite pleased with their work. Respectfully getting praise and respect from colleagues all across the nation for what could possibly be one of the greatest signing days for designers so far. Of course we are here to give you the cream of the crop. The schools that Twitter still can’t seem to stop talking about! To the teams that didn’t make it, good luck next year. The design world in College Football has become just as competitive as the actual game. Revenge is always a key motivator in success.

1.Tennessee: All alone at the top, how does it feel? We hope it’s great because you guys deserve it. What’s so special about Tennessee’s #NSD15 series. You mustn’t have taken a good look at the exquisite typographic treatment that would win design awards. It’s all about the three C’s here: creativity, concept, and consistency.

2.Alabama: What other school do you know of that has had the #1 signing class four years straight? Exactly, let’s give credit to the design team for supporting such a great run. Releasing explosive graphics which incorporated those beautiful geometric shapes in the background that we love. Of course we didn’t have to worry about terrible pictures, Alabama’s too professional for that. Roll On Tide, Roll On!

3. Texas A&M: Texas A&M continues to keep us on our toes. Releasing several different graphics for #NSD15 that were exciting and informational. After seeing so many #NSD15 graphics, one can become inattentive with seeing duplicates, but the Aggies did a great tremendous job at keeping it interesting.

4. Michigan: Welcome back to College Football, oh we forget you never left. Well that would be difficult to forget now because there’s excitement for Michigan football once again. Full of electricity, intensity, and boldness; we’re thrilled to see what’s next for the Wolverines. By the way, the electrical shape was the perfect thing to put the series over the top!

5.Oklahoma: Oklahoma’s series of #NSD15 graphics were by far one of the most creative sets we’ve seen in a long time. The thing that we loved the most was the geometric shapes that contained different skills from each player.

6. Miami: We were very impressed with Miami’s ability to tame typography on such a restrained social media platform such as Twitter. Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of doing that. Let’s not forget about their overall series of graphics, nothing less than greatness. There’s only one “U”!

7. Maryland: ” By Any Mean” must have been the motto for signing day because every graphic released from Maryland was not just excellent, but evolved game day like emotions. Evoking intensity by using those electrifying uniforms and a fierce font to enhance the overall design.

8. Auburn: Hands down, one of the best #NSD15 logos of the day. Intricate detailing incorporated into each design. We also admired the use of the large typography throughout the series.

9.UCLA: Hey UCLA it’s great to finally see you. We’re digging your style, it’s very bold and incorporates gradients in a good way. Our favorite part might be that you all included the time that players signed. An imperative fact that most schools left out. Your attention to detail is impressive.

10. Ohio State: To be honest, we didn’t see many Ohio State graphics holding our timelines hostage. Maybe they’re too good for that since they did win the first “Real” National Championship. Even designers have a sense of humor. Ohio State still managed to secure a spot on our list for what they did post. A fax machine with the words “MVP”. Yes they did and it was brilliant! Now show what else you guys are hiding up there in Ohio!

11. Oregon: Of course Oregon distinguish themselves from the pack. True design at the core requires less to be more. Gracing us with a series of slick, futuristic graphics that were satisfactory.

12.Texas: Whenever we hear Texas we automatically think of Texas Strong. Although that wasn’t the slogan for this year, we loved the simplicity overlay combined with the burnt Texas orange. Points are given for putting the players in Texas Polo shirts. A refreshment from the dozens of players we witnessed photoshopped into jerseys…some worst than others.

13. Notre Dame: A quick glance at Notre Dame’s graphics might trick you into thinking you’re looking at a high-tech spy map. Clever and creative. The hashtag #ShamrockSoldiers15 might be our favorite of the bunch. We’re looking forward to seeing what those soldiers are going to do.

14.Mississippi State: All hail Hail State! The graphics team has stepped up and the design world has noticed. Serving us with a series of classic graphics for #NSD15. Adding a small spice of flavor to each player’s jersey, yes we noticed. We notice everything, even the “Hail State” placed ever so slightly in the background. Keep it up!

15.TCU: Being last is never a bad thing. For anyone who had the honor of seeing TCU’s series of electrifying graphics then you know how exciting they were. Never afraid to go completely left when other’s go right, TCU respectfully earned a spot in the discuss of the best of #NSD15. Keep up the good work!