The HDR Effect: Trench Style

The “HDR Effect” ( High-Dynamic-Range Imaging ) has become popular in sports design and photography all over the country. There are dozens of different ways to approach this process, it really takes trial and error. Here’s a simplified process to get you started in the right direction. Practice really makes perfect! Enjoy!

  • Step 1: Find a high-quality image preferably 2MP or higher.
  • Step 2: Cut out the image.
  • Step 3. Duplicate the image. ( Shortcut command + J )
  • Step 4: Turn duplicated image into black + white. ( Image>Adjustments>Black+White)
  • Step 5: Add definition to the selected image. ( Filter>High Pass ) Select radius between 0-10.0 depending on your own judgement.
  • Step 6: Depending on how much of the effect you want select one of these options.  ( Overlay or Soft Light or Hard Light )
  • Optional Step: Select the original image and go to ( Image>Adjustments> Curves ) to enhance the image.

Branding in College Football.

2014 swiftly passed by, but not without distributing several impressive brands. In an age where sports design is influential, branding has evolved as a vital component to the prosperity of a program. Branding in its simplest form determines the perception of a program. Remember the TCU student who produced fake billboards in an attempt to validate Baylor’s argument for deserving to participating in the College Football Playoffs? Though it failed, it generated the idea the importance of branding for College Football teams. Teams such as Alabama and Ohio State had strong brands that allowed them to secure spots in the College Football Playoffs. Not technically stating their teams were superior, but brands that depicted and portrayed dominance. Ask a random person on the streets to name two college football teams, I’d bet my last dollar one of the two that are mentioned. The programs have a massive presence on social media and receive national attention regularly. It’s simple, even though numerous programs are behind.The answer is a designer or two. There’s no coincidence that Alabama and Ohio State has two talented designers on staff and let’s not forget Buddy Overstreet. The uncontested King of the College Football design world. Designers are not solely liable for appealing work but are exceptional at producing valuable brands. Providing immediate support in areas from recruiting to ticket sales; never underestimate them. Don’t be the team next year wailing about not making it into the playoffs. Change the perspective of the panel about your program. Find a designer, develop a brand, then build around it. From marketing to promotion to social media; push it to its maximum potential! Even if that requires outsourcing to design firms. Several teams have seized that opportunity, including Texas A&M and TCU. Both contracting work to Fusion Sports, who have successfully helped both programs obtain flourishing and unique identities. For those who already have an established brand, ever hear of progression? Everything can be tweaked and brands need time to evolve and mature. Social media outlets parallel to Twitter and Snapchat can boost and publicize brands. Additionally, providing direct contact with the intended audience. The power of branding is superfluous. Use it to its maximum capacity!

-The Voice of the Trenches

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