Why every college football team needs a good graphic designer.

I wonder if anyone else notices the common factor in some of the nation’s top-ranked college football teams? I’ll give you a hint—–it starts with a g. That’s right, the graphic designer has become a secret weapon in the recruiting race. Just look at some of the top recruiting classes of 2014, which included Alabama, Ohio State, Tennessee, Auburn, Arizona State, Florida State, Notre Dame—just to name a few. They all have very skilled designers on their staff. Granted some may be harder to find than others, but its well worth the search! Although places like ESPN and Bleacher Report have written a few articles on the college football graphic designer, they seem to only think there’s like one or two great designers out there. There are honestly too many great designers to just name a few, so I won’t. Just know that behind every powerhouse college football team is a designer working silently in the trenches. For those teams lacking in the recruiting rankings, I’d say start looking for a designer ASAP. For the media, we suggest doing a little more research before you write an article that shadows an entire community. Give them the recognition that they deserve rather than just recognizing their work when it features well-known celebrities or brands. For the designer in the trenches, keep working hard. We notice you!

-The Voice of the Trenches

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